Sunday, 20 May 2012

3rd place, relax for the summer

We did it! It wasn't pretty and it wasn't Arsenal football but the result is all that matters. You can say we got lucky and Fulop gave us 2 goals but who cares. We won, the now quiet neighbours down the road can't complain, they fucked it up the week before. It has been an easy week, not having to worry about Chelsea winning the Champions League, which evidently was a good thing.

I saw a lot of Arsenal fans supporting Bayern Munich last night and I can completely understand that, but it didn't happen so lets all have a real laugh at Tottenham today, I'm sure their fans aren't in the best mood. But that's irrelevant we have a long, boring summer ahead. The only football being the Euros and lets face it, international football is boring as hell so we only have transfers to keep us entertained (give me strength).

Now is the time where everyone over analyses everything and decides who needs what and where. I'm gonna leave that for a few weeks because the rumours have already started and right now I can't be asked to go into it. So I'll save that for a few a later post. Talking of posts from now they'll hopefully be around once a week but it all depends on what news and rumours are spinning around.

So its over for another year, a difficult year lets say. Its been one that looking at where we were and where we are I'm happy and think the team showed a lot of spirit to pull through it all. Wenger got stick, the players got stick and now they've silenced everyone but simply pointing at the table. I want to thank you for sticking with me throughout and I'm gonna leave you with a picture that I think sums up our final day nicely. Until next time.

 Oh and this one...