Thursday, 12 July 2012

RVP U-turn and other news...

Well this was reported a few days ago, I debated writing about it then but decided I'd wait until this new round of talks were over, then got bored and decided to write about it. 

After the big "I'm not signing statement", it appears that Van Persie may sign a new contract following a new round of talks with Ivan Gazidis. It seemed odd to me at the time to release the statement and for it to be worded as bizarrely as it was. Word on the grape vine is that it was written by his agent, who I will come on to in a minute, with a bit of RVP input. According to Sky's Dharmesh Sheth this was all in the aim of negotiating a more frugal contract, which is entirely believable looking at Robin's agent.

So Robin's agent...well...Kees Vos is the sort of man that gives football agents a bad name, now that's saying something. Everything I read about him is simply that he likes to keep moving players around to earn a nice commission for himself. It was his idea to release the statement with the intention of either: increasing the chances of a transfer or increasing the value of a new deal, thus increasing his commission. Quite why players choose him is beyond me but there you go. So after Kees brainwave, we stand where we do now, knowing nothing more than we did the other day. If you'd like to personally tell Kees what you think of him then use his twitter here.

Now I'm not going to comment on what I think Robin will do, because simply I don't know. Should he sign a new deal he may get a rather frosty reception from some of the fans. A lot of the love we felt for the dutchman has evaporated, myself included. That said I stand by my statement from the last post. There is no way he will be as prolific as last year, that was his peak season. 

For now we can only wait and see what comes out of the club. When that time comes I'll be on it!