Friday, 16 November 2012

Tottenham Hotspur (H)

If you haven't read it already I've already digested and analysed the Fulham match so I won't prattle on about it. Tomorrow is the match that we all look for when the fixtures come out, it's a match where the team that wants it more normally comes out on top. Neither of us have had a particularly flying start to the season but this is the match that could see either one kick off and pick up some form.

The good news from an Arsenal perspective is that there is a chance that SZCZ will return to the side along with Walcott and Alex OC. I think we'll see Szczesny return tomorrow after he was on the bench against Fulham. Mannone has filled in, but there is no doubt in my mind that SZCZ is number 1. I really hope Walcott is fit to start because he gives us pace down the wing and we look more of a threat when he plays. If not Alex OC also provides pace and power on the wing, which I think we desperately need at the moment.

Other good news for us is that Dembele is definitely out who in my opinion is by far their most creative player. There are doubts over Defoe and Lennon. I think Lennon will make it but Defoe is touch and go. I'd like to see Defoe out because although Adebayor provides a threat of his own, Defoe is on form and scoring goals. When I look at the back line I see Gallas as the weak link, he's old, slow and not to mention a wanker. I think he could be our entrance to the Spurs box.

There is no doubt tomorrow is a huge game for both teams, not to mention a win for us would put us above them in the table. I have no doubt there will be goals. It should be an exciting match. COME ON ARSENAL!!

Prediction: Arsenal 3-3 Tottenham Hotspur