Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Chelsea and Swansea Aftermath

I don't really know where to start this following the humiliation of the weekend. The result was one of the most painful I've endured as a fan, worse than the 8-2 at OT, worse than the 6-1 at the same ground. It's been a season where we've competed and where there's been a sense of progress at last, but have we really made that much progress when we lose 6-0, 5-1 and 6-3 away to our closest rivals? The fact that there appears to be this mental block in the big games is a huge concern, especially leading into the FA Cup semi-final. Ultimately the lack of desire and mental preparation rests with the manager.

This was followed by heart-break on Tuesday night when after going 1-0 down at home to Swansea, we showed that fight and determination that everyone has spoken about this season to score 2 goals in 2 minutes via Podolski and Giroud. Then moments from time an unfortunate deflection and block hit Flamini in the shins and ended up in our own net. It pretty much sums up this week and we are now looking very precarious in 4th.

Everton are 6 points behind us, with a game in hand and we have to visit Goodison Park this season. Assuming we lose to City this weekend which based on recent results is pretty much a given, they're 3 behind with a game in hand and we have to play them in 2 weeks. That will be a 6 pointer if ever there was one. It is so typically Arsenal to have been in the title race not 2 weeks ago and now we're looking over our shoulder worrying about our position in the top 4.

There was one shining light on Tuesday however and that was the fact that Kim Kallstrom made his debut and actually looked like a fairly solid player. Everyone and their wife ripped him upon arrival but if he's going to contribute to the team in the end then nobody will be complaining.

Well I'll be back on Friday with some team news and the build up to a game that quite frankly I really don't want to think about at the moment. Try to enjoy the rest of the week. COYG!