Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Potential Ins

After the potential outs post the other day I'm following it up with a potential ins post. One of the three players I touted to leave has already gone, albeit on a loan deal, but gone for the season none the less. With Chamakh gone for now, strikers are on the bill and there are a lot of them out there. We'll start it from a story that just will not die at the moment:

David Villa

We have been heavily linked with David Villa, he's out of favour at Barcelona and just wants to play football at the minute. But there are issues with Spain's leading scorer joining us. Firstly I've heard that his wife is pregnant meaning that a move now would be totally out of the question. Secondly, I struggle to see how he would fit it. We have Walcott who is starting to play upfront, Giroud who is doing well. It would be unfair to have Giroud as our 3rd choice striker but Villa wants to play. Finally I've heard from other sources that he is reluctant to leave Spain.

Chance: Unlikely

Adrian Lopez

This young man from Atletico Madrid seems much more like a Wenger signing, he's young, versatile and clearly talented. He netted 19 goals for Atletico last season, even though he wasn't playing as a striker. The move would also suit him as he is down the pecking order at Madrid with strikers such as Falcao and as a young player he wants to play. The issue with this deal appears to be the fee for him, he has a £15m buy out clause but we are apparently only offering £12m at the moment. Expect this one to rumble on.

Chance: Possible

Eduardo Vargas

This is an interesting one that has cropped up in only the last few days. After a £11.5m move from Universidad de Chile, Vargas has really struggled to make an impact in Serie A without netting a single goal in 16 appearances for Napoli. Reports suggest that a loan would suit Napoli and we have been linked. I'm not entirely sure a loan is what we are looking for but he does seem like a typical Arsenal player. That said reports suggest Sao Paulo are also interested in the striker and to be honest, if they make a bid I can see him moving.

Chance: Unlikely
Arsenal fans are none the wiser it seems at the moment, with Wenger stating one thing one day and then a different thing the next. We seem to be interested in making a couple of signings but there appears to be no effort on our part, leading many fans including myself worried that we may not sign anyone. Till next time, have a good week.