Monday, 10 June 2013

Ivan Gazidis: All talk and no walk?

So there hasn't been much going on in the Arsenal world as I'm sure you know, the usual crazy rumours from people who are blatantly making up a complete load of bullshit. Over the past few days I've seen reports linking us with more players than you can count. We've gone from the ridiculous: "Arsenal trigger £22m release clause in Fellaini's contract" to the even more ridiculous "Wenger to spend £40m on Lewandowksi". Now anyone with any common sense will know that both of these statements are going to be well wide of the mark but the fact that it only takes one person to come out with a rumour for it spiral out of control is a sad fact of the off-season. 

That said, going back to the post last week about this being an enormous summer for Arsene and the pressure being on, Ivan Gazidis was interviewed in the Mirror the other day talking about Arsenal's new "financial firepower". Again this goes back Arsenal showing intent and making it public that the money is there and it is at Wengers disposal. As a natural skeptic I'm still not sure he's ready to spend it or will spend it, which makes his position vulnerable should be fall further behind this season. Have a read here Gazidis Interview with John Cross.

So naturally with all this money that we have available fans, including myself, are starting to wonder just who (if anybody) we'll be spending it on. Of course the rumours about Higauin are flying all over the media and depending which paper you read we've either: agreed a deal, made contact with his agent, have a gentleman's agreement for him to sign or have not even registered our interest. Personally I doubt we've made contact with his agent yet, that's not really our style. Reports are also suggesting Madrid aren't willing to sell until they have a new manager in place along with Juventus being strongly linked with the striker. Honestly at the moment I believe he will end up at Juventus but that's just the way I think.

Aside from that potential-in's range from older keepers to young strikers and everything in between so I'm not going into detail. However Arsenal have confirmed the departure/release of Squillaci, Denilson and Arshavin. Now I've never really be a fan of any of them but I don't I'll ever forget the moment when Arshavin fired his shot past Victor Valdes at the Emirates and I'm sure it's a moment that will stay with many Arsenal fans to come. I wish these three players all the best in the future, they all have their qualities and abilities but they just weren't in the frame at Arsenal.

Those 3 players have on the plus side freed up £175k-a-week which hopefully will be re-invested in players although with Arsenal you never really know. But between now and my next post we'll be linked with more players, there will be more outlandish statements and we will have signed more players that we've never heard of. Until then enjoy the summer.