Thursday, 30 May 2013

Wenger's last chance?

It's been a while since the season ended in fantastic style for us gooners, pipping our rivals to the final Champions League space on the last day. But as many have pointed out, we aren't a club that should be content with 4th and as the rumour mill has started we've been linked with everyone under the sun. I'll deal with these links at a later date but this summer is of vital importance for Arsène Wenger. After a difficult season the pressure is on and with one year left on his contract his actions this summer could dictate whether we start the 2014/15 season looking for a new manager. 

The spotlight is on Wenger after it was revealed by himself and the board that we have money to spend and a lot of it. The reported £70m war chest according to various papers. With the fans demanding the money be invested in top quality players Wenger must be very careful about how he spends this money. If he barely invests at all he has shot himself in the foot if we fail to compete next season and there is no reason to suggest why continuing with the same squad would make any difference to our standings. If we invests very little then once again he is in the same boat. If he invests all of it and we finish 4th again, he at least has the defence of he invested the money he was given.

Now of course spending £70m on any old player is not the way to go about building a team that can challenge, it needs to invested in the best quality players in the positions we need. What those positions are I will leave for another post. Along with who we have been linked with. At the moment there is very little point speculating whilst the media are in a post-season frenzy, once things have calmed down I will do another potential ins and outs similar to last season.

So this is a pivotal summer for our manager as he has the pressure heaped on him from all angles, but managers get paid to deal with the pressure so we can only wait and see what his course of action is. Until next time.