Sunday, 8 January 2012

Leeds United (H)

There's something totally different about an FA Cup weekend to the normal league clashes, the eagle eyed amongst you will notice that maybe its because they're playing in the FA Cup and not the league but whatever. The chance to see what teams below us can do and there's nothing quite like watching a lower league team knock out a big gun, that is of course unless you are the big team being knocked out and we've all been there. Hopefully we won't be in that situation tomorrow night.

The news came through during the week that Henry's papers cleared in time so he is in the squad to play tomorrow night. People are still very much divided as to what sort of impact he'll have, some say he'll be bad for Van Persie who is the main man now but Henry and Wenger have been quick to say that people shouldn't expect him to be the player he was. Other have said that he will be a good influence on the young players in the squad, maybe he could teach them a thing or two. I'm very much of the opinion that the return of the greatest player ever to play in the Premier League can only be positive.

Now last time we played Leeds, lets have it right, we were lucky to get a draw at home. Wenger does this year after year and doesn't seem to learn his lesson. He plays a weakened team we draw and then we have another game to add to the list where he has to play a strong side in order for us to get through. Obviously I'm not expecting to see a normal team out but seeing a good side would be nice. Its a good opportunity to see the likes of Park whose signing seems more and more pointless by the day, I think he has the potential to be a really good player but he needs game time and since we've bought him Wenger has showed virtually no faith in him whatsoever. I think we'll see Oxlade who looks very promising and also needs game time, along with the odd experienced member of the team like Benayoun. I'm not going to attempt to name a team because I simply don't know who Wenger will play.

Threats in the Leeds team include Ross McCormack whose smashed in 12 goals in total so far this season. Obviously Snodgrass is a threat along with the likes of Clayton and Nunez. Leeds haven't been particularly tight at the back though and have been giving away some silly goals so that gives us some hope. 

I think it could be quite an interesting game tomorrow night but that totally depends on what sort of team Wenger decides to play and I just have a feeling that it might not be what we're all hoping for. Only time will tell. COYG!

Prediction: Arsenal 1-1 Leeds United