Friday, 13 January 2012

That moment and Swansea (A)

Well it just had to be didn't it. A match where we dominated and there were some very good individual performances as capped off wonderfully in a storyline you just couldn't write. 68 minutes, Arsenal substitution, Chamakh (definitely not a good individual performance) comes off to make way for the man that scored 226 goals for us. By the time the 90 was up it was 227. 10 minutes after coming on, Song played the ball through to Henry whose first touch was simply perfect, on that left channel as we've all seen so many times, he opened his body up and curled it into the far corner. So typically Henry, it could have been 2002 not 2012. His emotion was evident in his celebration and in the interview afterwards where he was quite quiet and I think still very emotional after a brilliant night. Everyone watching will remember it for a long, long time. 

It wasn't all about Henry's goal, as I said up there, there were some solid individual performances. Firstly I thought Arshavin had a much better game than we've seen in recent weeks, yes he spurred some chances but it seemed like he put the effort in. He just needed that little slice of luck to see him hit the net, unfortunately it didn't come. Again Oxlade played a very well down the flank showing that rare combination of power and pace, I also thought Arteta had a decent game and was unlucky not to score. However it wasn't all good, Chamakh I really think is just out of his depth. Its all well and good him scoring 15 goals in Ligue 1 but that's the whole point. The Premier League is the hardest league in the world (forget all that la liga bullshit, it just is) and when a player comes in from an easier league you have to wonder if the quality is really there. He's of the ACoN and it wouldn't surprise me if he scored and played well but its not the Premier League. Anyway one more piece of bad news, the cursed position claimed another victim in young Coquelin whose out for a few weeks.

To Swansea away now and their home record is good. It will be a tough game for us but again its a game we should be winning. Assuming the yids beat Everton tonight, they'll be 9 clear of us with the same games played so we need all the points we can get. The sort of team we'll put out gets more and more difficult every week as we seem to lose a player every week, after losing Vermaelen last week. So my guess would be: Szcz, Djourou?(is he still injured, I genuinely can't remember), Mertesacker, Koscielny, Miquel, Song, Ramsey, Arteta, Rosicky, Walcott, Van Persie. I can't see Henry starting but you never know these days.

Swansea are doing well for a team that have just been promoted and sit in 12th after a decent start to the season. But this is so often the case with promoted sides, they start well and then fall away later on. Players to watch are Obviously, Sinclair and Graham. We need to keep an eye on Dyer too just in case. Vorm in goal is a top notch keeper and he certainly won't be easy to get passed so we need to take out chances, something which we seem to be struggling with in recent weeks.

Its going to be a tough game but its certainly doable and with United coming to the Emirates next week a win would really be good for confidence. COYG!

Prediction: Swansea City 1-2 Arsenal